Life portraits workshops

We all love taking photographs, but there is a big difference between recording what we see and creating a beautiful image. If you want to learn to take control of your camera, whether you have a point and shoot camera or a Digital SLR, Life Portraits can help you. 

With a combined 35+ years in the industry, Andy & Em run a range of in-person courses from beginner to advanced in natural light, day and night flash, studio lighting, posing, Photoshop and Lightroom. We offer group training and one-on-one training.

Course participants will receive a balance of theory and hands on shooting to ensure they put their knowledge into practice. Watch our video to the right to get an insight into Life Portraits workshops.

We run courses in beginners photography, natural light photography, day & night flash photography, studio Lighting & posing, introduction to Lightroom, introduction to Photoshop and product photography with your smart devices.

Natural Light Photography

Natural daylight can be amongst the most beautiful conditions to photograph under, producing lovely soft lighting at the right time of day. however, it can also be very challenging, harsh, directional and create terrible shadows. 

Day & Night Flash Photography

The day and night flash course will introduce you to the concepts of flash photography and how to use your flash to balance your foreground and background light. 

Studio Lighting & Posing

Working in a studio environment is a truly unique experience where the photographer has complete control of all aspects of their image creation and can really explore their creativity. 

Photoshop & Lightroom

Today taking the picture is only half the story of the creation of a beautiful image. Post production is ever more important, particular for those shooting in Raw and maximising their image potential in camera. 

Product Photography with your Smart Devices

This course is designed to help sole traders and small business owners understand the principles of product photography, look at how to simplify the process and set up a working product studio with simple items found around the home. It is aimed at showing attendees what can be achieved with a simple set up while keeping to a tight budget.

I attribute a large part of my advancement in the world of photography to Life Portraits.
— Bec Bannan