We LOVE what we do...


.... We capture priceless moments, we make great friendships with our clients, we love to have fun, we document families lives year after year, we create beautiful artwork for generations to come, we educate, we mentor.... and we can't wait to share this with you!

Business Partners' Andrew Jarvie & Emily Clarke have been in the industry for 35+ years combining their skills in photography, journalism, media, branding, design and PR to establish the creative, professional and unstoppable LP team. They have been delivering workshops across Australia for over 10 years from Brisbane to rural QLD and love sharing their knowledge and passion with others.

Andrew Jarvie

Andy has more than 26 years’ experience behind the camera and is an Internationally awarded wedding and portrait photographer. He started his career in photography as a photo-journalist on UK daily newspapers.

Emily Clarke

Armed with a Bachelor of New Media Arts and double major in Digital Media Design/Digital Imaging, she is an inspiring artistic photographer and designer capturing her subjects in unique and expressive ways.